Technorgano was the result of an interest in making techno music without MIDI or sampling.  I was virtually penniless at the time.  I wanted to create a form of organic techno, hence the name “Technorgano”.  I used scraps and whatever cheap effects I had lying around and a borrowed micromoog.  I recorded this CD “Hello” in my basement apartment on a four track during the summer of 1999.

Technorgano: Hello (2002)

The title of the clip below, “Molested Balloons”, pretty much describes the song.  The rhythms are all based on balloon sounds manipulated through effects.  A Moog and a mandolin manipulated through effects were used for melody.  I was inspired by Judy Dunaway to do this song after I heard her work with balloons.  I was driving home in my car while listening to a community radio station that was doing a spotlight on her 1998 CD , “Balloon Music”, which had just been released.  I was so enthralled I pulled into a mall immediately and bought some balloons.  And so there I was, a grown adult sitting in my car in a mall parking lot playing with balloons to the amusement of passersby.

Molested Balloons (2002)