Bowed Spring Pan Kit

This Spring Pan Kit (SPK) used a spring monochord instead of the Spring Dulcimer. The intention was to elongate rhythmic sounds by using a bow on a monochard with the Spring Pan Kit in order to create a form of percussion with more potential for emotional expression. I discuss this in greater detail in two papers that I wrote. They can be downloaded below from Lonergan Resource as interactive PDFs. They require a PDF reader that is capable of playing media files such Adobe Reader or some other compatible reader.

Lamenting at the Abattoir, where I attempt to mimic the vocal sounds of animals with a bow and Spring Dulcimer.

Bowsticks and Elemental Meaning, where I draw from the work of Manfred Clynes and his development of Sentics in which he attempted to measure emotional expression though pressure and duration of touch. The intention was to see if emotions could be accurately expressed by applying Clynes’s measurements to the Bowed SPK.

Bowed SPK (2009)

Spring Monochord

Nylon Bow

Bowed SPK Clip 1 (2009)
Bowed SPK Clip 2 (2009)