Greg Lauzon's
Experimental Music Diary

I am primarily a drummer, but my main area of interest these days is developing custom designed instruments and playing methods.  Most recent examples of this are the Spring Dulcimer the Tabludu Kit, Poly-rhythmic Knob Twiddling, Controlled Microphone Feedback, Urban Sound Exploration and my latest, the Spring Pan Kit.  I currently live in Toronto.

Past Endeavors

Technorgano was an album I put together in 2002.  It was a collection of songs I recorded between 1998 and 1999 in my basement on a four track during a time when I was almost penniless.  I later cleaned up and mixed the tracks for this album on the computer.  I literally used scrap materials such as found percussion, air ducts, balloons, child instruments bought at garage sales, old cheap effects, and borrowed instruments.  The album includes some early attempts at Poly-rhythmic Knob Twiddling.  The songs were an attempt to create a kind of organic techno by not using sequencers.  All sounds were hand manipulated, hence the name, Technorgano.  More than anything it is a testimony to what you can do with limited resources if you put your mind to it.  The name of the album is, Hello.  To hear mp3's Click Here

SOI is a band I did an album with in 2003.  I also produced that album.  SOI is an acronym for Source Of Insight.  The album was based on a series of improvisational recordings that were edited down to choice clips. These clips were then pieced together to form songs.  We used guitar, bass, Moog, tablas, piano, cello, mandolin and a few nick knacks. To hear mp3's Click Here